Meet The Founders Of Help Your Practice

Active: Michael Humphreys

In 1993, just seven months after graduating from college, Michael started his massage therapy practice in the Philadelphia, PA suburbs. 

Starting on a $100 budget and a free month's office rent at the local community center, Michael ran his massage therapy business like a part-time hobby for 4 years. He did masage part-time while pursuing a second degree in physical therapy assistant and working full-time in the physical therapy field. 

In 1997, he decided to get serious and develop his massage therapy practice into a full-time massage business. Within three months of "cracking down", Michael was seeing 12-15 massage therapy clients each week. Within 6 months, it was up to 25-30 massage therapy clients weekly. 

Within a year of deciding to go full-time with his massage practice, Michael was incorporating and opening a massage therapy center in a retail storefront. The massage therapy center opened in January 1999 and was open for six and half years. In 2003, he opted to move the massage therapy center to a bigger and better location in a more affluent town nearby.

By 2005, Michael started feeling mentally burnt out from 90 hour work weeks, running a massage therapy center, and doing massage marketing consulting with Help Your Practice.

He opted to close the massage therapy center and return to private practice. In addition, Michael has been able to spend more time handling the rapidly increasing requests for his consulting services. Upon closing the center, he received two unsolicited offers to become vice president of operations in two different industries, both of which he declined.

Michael has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from Lock Haven University and an associate degree in Physical Therapy Assistant from Harcum College.

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Retired: Eric Mitchell

After working for several fitness and personal training gyms near his home in the Philadelphia suburbs for 6 years, Eric started his own personal training business in 1996. 

Upon starting his personal training business, he was able to get professional stationary, brochures, business cards, and magazine feature articles on his personal training business using none of his own money.

Eric specializes in speed and conditioning training for athletes and has countless professional athletes who are loyal personal training or speed and conditioning clients. 

Within 3 years of starting his personal training business, Eric had a client waiting list of people who want to be trained by him, but he had no available times to offer them. Mr. Mitchell has had a personal training client waiting list ever since.

Some of Eric's clients, who live in other parts of the United States, will routinely pay all of his travel expenses and personal training fees, so that he will continue to train them in person.

Mr. Mitchell has never run an advertisement to promote or attract new personal training clients.

In late 2005, Eric left Help Your Practice. He is currently co-owner of a fitness gym and a speed & conditioning training center in the Philadephia areas.

Eric has a Bachelors of Science degree in Military Science from Juniata College.