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Thursday, 5:37 pm

Dear Fellow Massage Therapist,

If you are experiencing the pains that come with trying to start and grow your massage practice, you are not alone. In fact, according to a recent study by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), the average U.S. massage therapist made only about $19,000 last year.

Itís tough to make a living or support a family on so little money. I know this first hand because before I developed my own super-busy massage practice, I was once a struggling massage therapist, too.

Hi, my name is Michael Humphreys and I started my massage practice in 1993 on a measly $100 budget. Why so little? Because I was flat broke.

In fact, I was so financially strapped that a close friend of my family actually paid the fee for me so I could take the national certification exam for massage therapy.

I needed to pass that exam so that I could rent the office space in the local community center and have a place to see massage clients.

(You see, they were only willing to rent to "certified" therapists. So I really needed to pass that exam. Thank goodness for friends!)

Now, given the fact that I had barely any money to pay for the exam, the next and most obvious challenge was, how in the heck would I find my clients?

How could I even afford any kind of marketing or advertising to find them? Well, here's…

How I Started My Massage Practice
With Only Pennies In My Pockets

First, I got a free ad in the community center newsletter, got some business cards printed up, and with a little help from my mother created a sign for my office door that would hold my business cards and list my office hours.

"OK," I thought to myself. "I'm ready to roll." Simple, right?

Well, I waited by the phoneÖ and waitedÖ and waited some more. And then… Nothing. Not a single peep. It was disheartening. I felt I wasn't getting anywhere. In fact, I almost felt like giving up.

But then, after two long weeks of waiting, I got my very first appointment request.

Fast-forward almost 4 years. It was August 1997. Was I any better? Was I running a busy practice? Not really. I was still struggling as a massage therapist, only able to maintain a part-time practice while I worked in the physical therapy field.

(I was merely eking out a few dollars out of my massage therapy practice, so I had no choice but to work full-time to pay the bills.)

All the glory I was told about the massage therapy business seemed more and more far away at this point. I was getting so disenchanted that thoughts of throwing in the towel started creeping into my mind.

And then, just when I thought I hit rock-bottom, it got worse. A whole lot worseÖ

After 4 Loyal Years Of Working
In My Full-Time Job… I Got Fired!

I never thought that it could happen.

I was shocked and dismayed. I was also really hurt and angry. I had been with the physical therapy clinic for over 4 years. I really needed that job to survive! I knew it was impossible for me to live on the paltry part-time massage therapy income I was making.

But you see, it was actually the best thing that could ever happened to me.

Let me explain.

After that experience, I decided I never wanted to work for someone else ever again. I got serious about learning how to grow my massage practice -- and grow it fast!

I knew that the only way was to grow my business. But since it was just a small part-time business on the side, I had to kick it up a few notches. I had to find more clients. A lot more, if I were to completely replace my newly lost full-time income.

It wasn't easy, but within three months, I was seeing 12-15 clients per week. And within 6 months, I had grown my business to 25-30 appointments every week.

In fact, I got so busy that some of my clients started asking me for recommendations for another therapist who could work on their spouses, because I didnít have any openings to offer! (And I literally referred them to my competitors. That's how busy I was! Wouldn't that be a nice problem to have?)

So I started working on opening up my own massage therapy center.

Finally, in 1999, I did just that. I owned and operated that massage therapy center for over 6 years, even expanding and moving it to a bigger location during that time.

How did I grow that massage therapy center so successfully? Well, I discovered a few massage practice building secrets that had a major influence on my success…

Practice Building Secret #1: Get Your Existing
Massage Clients To Come Back Again and Again…

Let's faceit: It's become more important to retain your massage clients than ever before. According to customer service experts, it costs 6-10 times more to attract a new massage client into your massage practice than to retain (or keep) an existing massage client.

As advertising and marketing costs rise each year, it becomes even more expensive to find and attract new massage clients. If your marketing is poorly written or does not work effectively, then it will under perform and cost you even more money to attract new clients.

As the owner of a massage therapy center, I quickly realized that if I was spending thousands of dollars every year to attract new massage clients, I didn't want them to come in for just one appointment and never be seen or heard from again.

If your new clients come in for one massage appointment and never come back again, then this can waste your marketing dollars very quickly.

Let me give you an example of…

… How You Can Waste
Marketing Dollars Very Quickly!

Suppose you decide to run an advertisement that costs $300. It's a bit of a struggle, but you pay that $300 to the ad company before the advertisement is even run.

The ad does poorly and it only brings in 3 new massage clients.

Each one of those new clients use a coupon from your ad to get a one-hour massage for $50.

If you average the cost of the ad, it means you spent $100 to attract each of those 3 new clients, but only made $150 in sales.

If none of those clients come back, you lost $150 on your ad! This is called a negative return on investment, or negative ROI.

If you do an advertisement or a marketing campaign that loses money, it has a negative ROI (Return On Investment). Run too many ads that have a negative ROI, and you may run out of money to promote your business with.

As a massage marketing consultant, I've seen a lot of great therapists quickly lose their shirt by running bad written advertisements. Unless you are a skilled advertisement writer, it's very easy to write a bad ad.

If you could lose a lot of money running an advertisement, then what if you send an offer to your existing massage clients instead? This marketing idea helped me discover another massage practice building secret…

Practice Building Secret #2: Clients Will Keep Interesting Magazines and Newsletters To Read Again and Again…

I decided to informally survey some of my most loyal massage clients and find out what local newspapers or magazines they read on a regular basis. An overwhelming majority told me that:


They sorted their mail over the trash can and quickly tossed out any obvious junk mail;


They kept any special offers that came from valued service professionals (like my massage therapy center);


They tried to read the newspaper if they had the time… otherwise, the newspaper got tossed out as "yesterday's news";


They kept every magazine or newsletters they received to read. They would read the magazines or newsletters with the best content first;


They looked forward to getting their favorite newsletters or magazines and when they normally arrived in the mail…

After learning this, I wanted to mail my clients a
printed quarterly newsletter and try generating more sales.

Since I had never written my own newsletter before and didn't even know how to use the newsletter creating software, I decided to give someone else's pre-made massage client newsletter a try. I assumed that it would be professionally written and it would save me the trouble of learning the software and creating the newsletter myself.

I was a little skeptical when I saw that first issue but I decided to go ahead and use it anyway. After mailing out the first issue, I saw an immediate increase in repeat business and referrals.

Better yet, some of the clients that I had not seen in over a year called to schedule a massage appointment!

I thought the quality of the pre-made massage newsletters was poor, but I was happy with the increased business they brought in, so I decided to order more. I would soon discover that I had made a mistake…

The Painful Reasons Why I Had To Start
Writing My Own Massage Client Newsletter…

Pretty soon, I noticed that the pre-done newsletters that I had been purchasing were becoming even worse in quality and had more clip art and white space to hide the lack of content in the newsletters. But that wasn't the only problem.

The author of those newsletters started running late publishing them, and it became more difficult to get the newsletters to my clients on time.

The massage center's clients would tell me that they loved getting a massage newsletter but they wanted to know why they hadn't gotten the latest newsletter. Some of them would even ask me if I had started writing the latest newsletter yet!

I was embarrassed. It frustrated the heck out of me because the clients thought that I hadn't written the newsletter and I wasn't the one who deserved the blame!

The final straw came when this "cookie cutter" newsletter author decided to publish a newsletter issue that was really, really bad. Plus, it was almost a month late getting to me, so my clients wouldn't be receiving their issue on time either.

But that wasn't the worse part. That newsletter issue, contained an article that listed all of the great places that my clients could look to find another massage therapist!

By sending out a client educational newsletter to your
own clients — you are trying to educate and encourage
them to come back to your business again…

…You don't want to tell them where to go to find another massage therapist!

Why would you want to give your massage clients the idea that they should be looking for another massage therapist somewhere else? Are you implying that they should be unhappy with the quality of your professional care? Haven't you already developed a great professional relationship as therapist - client?

I wasn't about to sabotage my business, so I took action.

I rewrote the entire newsletter, because I couldn't just simply replace the article that was completely inappropriate.

I sent my custom written newsletter off to all of the massage center's clients and then waited with both excitement and nervousness to see what would happen…

I wouldn't have to wait very long…

I quickly realized that my custom written newsletter was getting a much better positive reaction. The response I got with my newsletter was significantly greater than the pre-done newsletter that I had previously been sending out.

I saw even more repeat business, new referrals, and more inactive massage clients calling to schedule once again.

And that lead me to discover another massage practice building secret…

Practice Building Secret #3: The Quality of
The Massage Client Newsletter You Send Out
Will Directly Impact The Results You See…

I quickly learned that using a top-quality, targeted massage client newsletter for my massage therapy center was more powerful and more effective at getting repeat business, new referrals, and promoting my massage business then to continue using the poorly written, always late, cookie-cutter newsletter I had been using.

I wrote my own client educational newsletter for over four years. I was extremely successful. Things were moving along beautifully. I finally reached the kind of success I only dreamed of when I first started out part-time. But then…

I Did Something So Daring…
So Risky… That It Shocked Everyone!

You see, at the height of my success, I shut my massage business down.

Hold on, let me backup a bit.

You see, by 2005, I had grown tired of 90-hour work weeks and the daily rigors of owning a massage therapy center.

I was managing a staff of 7 additional therapists and 2 part-time office staff, plus creating all of the advertising and marketing that generated the massage therapy sales. I was focusing on managing the center rather than being a therapist myself.

But in spite of that, I was still the most requested massage therapist in the center!

On top of all that, as co-author of the book, "Help Your MASSAGE Practice," I was also being bombarded by many requests for business coaching and speaking appearances.

I loved the limelight. And I loved my business, too. But above all, I wanted more time to spend with my friends and family.

So I did the unthinkable: I made a very unpopular decision -- and took a huge risk. You see, I gave my staff 2 weeks notice, closed the massage center completely down, and went back into private practice.

How could I do something so dangerous so easily?

Now, I donít mean to sound like Iím bragging, but I had the ability to do this easily for several reasons. Sure, I had a solid core of loyal massage clients who were willing to follow me practically anywhere.

But My Biggest Assets Weren't My Clients… They Were
The Tools That Allowed Me To Generate Or Keep Them!

You see, I had an even bigger competitive edge:

Proven massage-marketing pieces that really worked.

These pieces include articles, coupons, ads, sales letters, tracking tools, yellow page ads, referral systems, gift certificates, checklists, you name it. Everything I personally created, tested and knew for a fact that they worked.

Heck, they worked so incredibly well, that they were the reason why it was so easy for me to shut down my massage therapy center without giving it any second thought.

I knew how to keep my clients loyal and coming back for more appointments again and again. Of course, sometimes clients move out of the area and you have to attract new clients into your massage practice. But I wasn't worried because I knew that I had a serious marketing edge.

With this edge, I knew that I could replace any client who chose not to follow me into my private practice. Unlike when I first started out, I didn't have to wait 2 long weeks for one booking request. I literally could create tons of new clients…

… Virtually on demand!

You see, I started creating my own ads and marketing pieces right from the beginning. Itís something Iíve always enjoyed, and I was eager to test and try every single piece of marketing advice I ever read or heard about.

After a few years, I started writing down and tracking all of the results.

Were all my pieces successful? No. So I continually tested, tweaked and refined them. I then dumped the duds, and kept the winners that worked like gangbusters.

I knew that I was returning to private practice with a proven collection of marketing pieces that I could continue to use to keep my massage practice super busy.

Let me ask you an important question…

What If You Could Get Your Hand On
Those Winners For Your Own Practice?

Think about it:

  • No need to create them all from scratch, on your own.

  • No need for any kind of marketing skill or experience.

  • No need to test and tweak them, taking your concentration away from doing what you love to do. (And that is working as a massage therapist. Right?)

  • No need to spend tons of money and wasting a lot of time trying them all out, guessing which ones will work for you. (This is how much time and money you would save! All the grunt work and guesswork have already been done for you.)

Why is this important?

Because if you're like me, you want to do what you do best. And that's doing massage. That's working in your practice and serving your clients. It's not writing ads or articles, spending all your time trying to get clients, or even waiting for current clients to call you to schedule again.

The question is, do you know what kind of articles you need to write a targeted massage client educational newsletter? Do you know what health topics are of interest to your clients and how they may relate to massage therapy? Well…

After thinking about it, I realized something really important: many aspiring massage therapists like you
are exactly were I was when I first started out.

So I know how tough it can be. I've been there. And after losing my job, I know how it was a big struggle for me just to meet my bills initially.

So I want to help you. I want you to achieve the same kind of success I was blessed with. I hate seeing new therapists struggle like I did.

That's why, after years of looking for proven massage marketing that really works, now's your chance to grab my one of my "secret weapons" you can use in your own practice…

Announcing the…

Keeping In Touch: Massage Client Newsletters”

My “Fill-In-The-Blanks,” Plug-And-Go
Massage Practice-Boosting Newsletters

When I decided to put together “Keeping In Touch”, I wasnít sure where to begin. Heck, I created over 4 years worth of newsletter issues for my massage center and dozens more massage articles that were used elsewhere. (But don't worry, I've picked out the best of the best for you.)

So, I carefully cherry picked some of my proven winners and popular articles with my massage center's clientele.

I put them together in a special package that is designed for a single massage therapist. Simply pick the quarterly newsletter issue you need from “Keeping In Touch: Massage Client Newsletters”, add your name and contact information, and you're ready to go!

It's that easy.

Why is this important?

  • You donít have to take the time to write any massage articles or hire writers to do it all, because Iíve already done it for you. Every issue is four jam-packed pages of great content that will promote your massage business.
  • You donít need to spend any of your hard-earned money testing any of these massage articles, because Iíve already spent my money and a lot of time to test every part of "Keeping In Touch". Everything is 100% proven!
  • You can focus on doing what you really love: delivering a great massage that makes a difference for your clients (rather than the rigors of running and managing a business, trying to figure out where your next client is coming from.)

This is what your “Keeping In Touch” Package will do for you. But if you want to know exactly what you get with your copy, then…

Hereís Just A Few of the Topics You'll See Inside
“Keeping In Touch: Massage Client Newsletter”…


How Massage Relieves Neck and Shoulder Tension…


Identifying, Preventing, and even Curing Burnout…and How Massage Can Help!


Why Sciatic Pain Doesn't Always Mean You Have A Herniated Disc…


8 Health Issues That Drinking Too Little Water Can Cause In Your Clients… You'll Be Surprised How Big Some of These Health Issues Are!


What Fibromyalgia Sufferers Can Do To Get Relief…and Yes, Massage Therapy is One of Them!


How To Strike A Balance Between Work and Life…


Got a Client Who Suffers From Plantar Fasciitis? Give Them This Newsletter Issue And They Will Thank You!


How To Manage Chronic Pain…


A Proven Seasonal Massage Gift Certificate Promotion…In Every Issue!

  Note: For a complete list of topics on each volume, please click here…

What Kind of Money Have I Spent To Create My Own Successful Massage Client Educational Expertise?

For the first seven years of my adult life, I earned two health degrees and professional certifications as a licensed physical therapist assistant and nationally certified massage therapist.

Any client educational article that I've put my name on is like putting my professional reputation on the line. That's something I take very seriously, so you can be assured that every article contains 100% accurate information.

Iíve spent years studying and learning how to write client newsletters, massage marketing and ads that are profitable and that work.

Iíve spent thousands of dollars testing every aspect of my own marketing and advertising just to create my own proprietary massage marketing.

Why Then Would I Sell Something
As Valuable As “Keeping In Touch”?

When I see how many massage therapists struggle to earn a living doing massage therapy, it almost breaks my heart. It doesnít have to be this way, yet many successful massage therapists donít offer much help beyond generic statements like ďWord of Mouth is really importantĒ.

Letís face it: Iím an already established massage therapist with a full-time massage practice. Chances are, you donít even work or live in the same area that my massage practice is located.

So itís not like I have to worry about you using my client educational newsletters to try to steal clients from me. Honestly, clients will always choose where they want to go for massage.

The truth is, like most massage therapists, I love helping people. And offering something as valuable as "Keeping In Touch" is one way I can help my fellow massage therapists do what they love: help other people in need too.

How Much Would It Cost You To Create Your
Own Successful Client Educational Newsletter?

What You Would Need To Create Your Own
Successful Massage Client Newsletters
Time And/Or Money Spent “Keeping In Touch”
Top 10 Newsletter Designing and Software Tutorial Books From Your Local Bookstore $200-300 Not Needed
Top 5 Writing Effectively Books From Your Local Bookstore $50-100 Not Needed
$50 Printing and Postage Cost For Each Newsletter Issue (4 Separate Quarterly Issues Sent To 100 of Your Massage Clients) 4 X $50 = $200 Not Needed
3-4 Hrs To Quickly Read Each Book Listed Above
(15-20 Hours Of Your Time)
15-20 Hours Not Needed
5-6 Hrs To Learn How To Use The Newsletter Designing Software Correctly 5-6 Hours Not Needed
1 Hr Minimum To Create A Targeted Massage Article Piece
(2-3 Articles Per Quarterly Issue = 8-12 Hrs)
8-12 Hours Not Needed
2-3 Hrs Minimum To Create The Newsletter Design and Layout For Each Issue
(4 Quarterly Issues = 8-12 Hrs)
8-12 Hours Not Needed
Hours of Massage Billable Time Lost While
You Do All Of The Above
35-40 Hours Not Needed
Total Cost In Your Time And Your Money Lots $97


Not Sure If “Keeping In Touch” Is Right For You?
Here Is A Sample Issue! (Opens In New Window)

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to view this sample.

Here's what you get with your order of
Keeping In Touch: Massage Client Newsletters”…

4 Quarterly Newsletter Issues Delivered To Your Door on CD…
  I’ve included one year's worth of newsletters. It won't matter whether you are ordering in the dead of winter or the dog days of summer…your order has you covered for a years worth of great newsletters for your massage clients. Each issue is four content-filled pages that your clients will love.
Medically Accurate Massage Articles Written By Me

Let me say this as humbly as possible: with my professional credentials, certifications, and health degrees, you would be hard-pressed to find a writer with more expertise!

For some of the articles that have a lot of medical information or advice, I've deliberately left my name on it.

Rest assured, I've only done this to show that the article was written by a medical expert — and there isn't any contact information of mine on these newsletters either!

I normally charge $150 per hour for my consulting services and over $4000 just to write a basic marketing piece.

With "Keeping In Touch: Massage Client Newsletters" you are getting some of my writting expertise for practically pennies.

FREE Lifetime Updates

As medical technology changes and new treatment methods are discovered, I'll update the medically accurate articles to keep them current and up-to-date.

As a proud owner of “Keeping In Touch: Massage Client Newsletters”, you'll get an email alert that I've updated an issue and you'll be able to download the update -- free of charge.

I believe that these newsletters are the only massage client educational newsletters that offer this powerful feature.

New! Choose From More than One Volume…

You'll rest easy knowing that there's more than one year's worth of “Keeping In Touch: Massage Client Newsletters” available on this site.

You can choose to purchase and send them, starting with Volume 1. Or you can start with a different volume and go from there.

Here's My One Year
No B.S. Money Back Guarantee

Simply stated, I know there isn't another product available like the “Keeping In Touch: Massage Client Newsletters”. In fact, that's why I am not afraid to offer you a 365 day, 100% unconditional, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

Take up to one full year to use the “Keeping In Touch” newsletters and make an honest, fair effort at improving your massage business. If you decide at any time within one calendar year that you are not happy with your order of “Keeping In Touch: Massage Client Newsletters” for any reason, simply return to me and I will refund your purchase price (except for the original shipping cost).

Fair enough?


Donít wait! Grab your copy of “Keeping In Touch: Massage Client Newsletters” Today!